Front-End Conference

September 18th - 19th, 2014

Bologna, Italy

we are working hard
to welcome you once again


thursday 18th & friday 19th

2 full days of conference, 14 speakers

  • Christian Heilmann

    Mozilla developer evangelist

    – USA –

  • Estelle Weyl

    Front End Developer, teacher, author, standardista.

    – USA –

  • Jeremy Keith

    An Irish web developer working with Clearleft curating dConstruct.

    – UK –

  • Jenn Lukas

    Front-end dev, teacher, co-host Ladies in Tech

    – USA –

  • Peter Gasston

    Technologist and front-end lead at rehabstudio

    – UK –

  • Owen Gregory

    Editor and copy editor at Full Cream Milk

    – UK –

  • Jon Gold

    Full-stack Designer, Full-stack Developer

    – UK –

  • Nicolas Bevacqua

    Full-stack developer based in Buenos Aires, author

    – Argentina –

  • Andre Jay Meissner

    Fuelling, currently working at Adobe

    – Germany –

  • Sara Soueidan

    Front-end dev, author and team member at Codrops

    – Lebanon –

  • Stuart Robson

    Front-end developer, curator of SassNews, buzzword antagonist

    – UK –

  • Ulrika Malmgren

    QA expert and testing passionate. She holds courses, seminars and presentations about Agile Testing

    – Sweden –

  • Sally Jenkinson

    Technical consultant and solutions architect

    – UK –

  • Gunnar Bittersmann

    Web developer, user advocate, guitar player

    – Germany –

“The floor, it feels like I am walking on fortune cookies”


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